Our Director

Mr. Shri Pal….

Another example of a businessperson, who can persevere any challenge. 

Shri Pal is a self-made and hard driven entrepreneur. After working with leading hotel chains across India, he started his own Travel Agency and after immense success in the venture, he started a Hotel with a vision to make it a leading Chain of Hotels & Resorts PAN India and Worldwide.
Shri Pal has fostered a culture where nearly 300 employees are allowed to take risks and to grow by learning from success and failure.Here are incepts by the Editor “Glimpse – Magazine” tete a tete with


 Q: How did you get interested in the profession of hospitality and what were the first steps that you took to pursue this dream?
A: Hospitality Industry always fascinated me, since I was a student. I always wanted to explore the world, and as a destiny I got into Hospitality and started my Travel Agency after working with various hotel chains.


 Q: Who inspired you the most?
A:   Growing up in a Joint Middle Class Family as a child, I was supposed to be exposed to a surplus of mentors and people around to guide me. In reality, through, very few people have managed to enter my life and stick around through the ups and downs; I could probably count them on one hand

 Q: - What motivates you now to keep going ?
A:. In Today's world I don't want to sit tight in one place when whole world is growing fast and that motivates me to be competitive.


Q: - Your day plan ?
A: I try to keep my day very much planned, in order to get what all I have today, and planning to achieve in future.


Q: - What challenges did you have to face initially and how did you overcome them?
A: When I started it was a matter of survival, but with all the hardship, honesty and blessings of my mentor I am keep on going.


Q: - How do you stay ahead of the competition?
A: My only belief is “Don’t just Follow the trends – Set Them”. I always welcome fresh idea’s – no matter where it is coming from. And I try to apply them.


Q: - What is the best thing about your profession & what’s the most difficult or challenging?
A: The Best thing about my profession is that it gives me a passion to achieve what I have planned and always inspires me to be competitive and stay ahead. As far as Challenges is concerned, every one has its own.


Q: - Your biggest achievements?
A: The Biggest Achievement is the happening of “THE ATRIUM” where I have started my career as a Sales Trainee, and today I am running that Hotel.


Q: - Future goals? Expansion plans?
A: My only Goal is to expand my Brand as much as possible


Q: - Message to young entrepreneurs?
A: There is No Shortcut to Success. Everything takes something. For any successful person there is a story of hardship & honesty behind it. So, make your story and keep going.”