At The Travel desk of Hospitality Plus we ensure we’ll meet your unique requirements by first listening to and understanding your travel needs, then implementing the services and solutions that exceed your expectations. We offer an extensive range of corporate travel and management services that save you time and money.

We constantly strive to improve our services and technology to meet your travel needs. Using streamlined processes, automated tools, and advanced workflow management; The Hospitality Plus brings a higher level of simplicity and cost savings to the art of serving today’s busy corporate traveler.

The secret of ‘Hospitality Plus’ success is a sincere and committed approach to travel requirements, anticipating their needs and working towards providing full satisfaction to this effect. Hospitality Plus has continued to expand the range of services offered. Supporting them with the state-of-the-art back-up services.

“It’s total service & complete satisfaction package”

Hospitality Plus has a fully fledged outbound division to promote various international destination like USA, Europe, Far East etc.

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